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The only smart and safe suitcase lockers in Palma de Mallorca. The whole process is automatic. Use just one minute to deposit or withdraw your luggage!
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Press to see the highlights

Press to see the highlights

Open 24 hours 365 days.

No advance reservation required.

Always lockers available.

Pay by credit card at our store.

Leave your luggage

& enjoy Palma!

Only 150 meters from Plaza España!

all suitcases can fit

*storage anything that will fit in your locker for the same price

**access the locker as many times as you want

Why choose Mallorca Lockers?

The whole process is automatic. Use just one minute to deposit or withdraw your luggage!

Luggage storage

Store your luggage in our automatic, smart and safe lockers.

Free Wi-Fi

Connect for free to our Wi-Fi and look for information to enjoy Palma de Mallorca.

Charging point

Smartphones consume a lot of battery, charge them before traveling.


Our store, a safe place for your luggage. 24 hours surveillance cameras.

Looks good but…

How it works?

Come visit us!

You can only contract from our store

There are no reservations in advance or online. Our address is Passatge Particular de Santa Catalina de Sena, 8 in Palma (150 meters from Plaza España).

Select what you need

Number of lockers, sizes and days

We charge per 24 hours. That is, every day from 7 a.m. to 6.59 a.m., regardless of the arrival time.

Payment and Code generation

We accept payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex...)

Write down or take a picture of your codes! You will not be able to open your lockers without them.

You forgot something? Not a problem.

Open your lockers as many times as you want during the contracted time

Remember that you can store shopping bags or anything else that fits in your lockers for the same price.

Time to go?

Put your code on the touch screen

... and the locker open automatically. You must always close the door, even if you are leaving. Thank you for trusting Mallorca Lockers.

Still have questions?

… we’ve got answers

What type of lockers does Mallorca Lockers offer?

M size: 1 carry-on suitcase (293mm x 436mm x 580mm)
XL size: 4 carry-on suitcases or 1 extra-large suitcase (856 mm x 436 mm x 580mm).

How does Mallorca Lockers charge?

The lockers are rented for periods of 24 hours. This is, everyday from 7 am to 6.59 am of the next day, regardless of the arrival time. For example, if you rent a locker 1 day at 12:00 your code is valid until 6:59 next day; and if you rent it 2 days your code will be valid until 6:59 of two days later.

What is prohibited to store in my locker?

. All objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal (such as stolen objects, drugs, pornographic materials or those that are in any way denigrating for human beings, etc.).
. Objects whose possession requires a licence, without said licence or authorisation also being deposited (for example, weapons and/or ammunition)
. Any type of material that is polluting or dangerous (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances).
. Animals of all types or any other kind of living being.
. Food can not be placed in the lockers, except for packaged food that can not spill, stain the locker or produce odours of any kind in the locker.

How can I know which locker is available to store my luggage?

Once the locker sizes have been selected and the payment processed, the system will show you the number/s of your locker/s.

How long can I hire a locker in Mallorca Lockers?

In Mallorca Lockers you can book a locker minimum for 1 day and maximum for 30 days. If you need to hire more days, you can contact us in this email info@mallorcalockers.com.

What happens if I exceed the time I have hired my locker?

You will have to pay the difference between the time originally contracted and the time actually used.

What happens If I have forgotten my code?

When you hire a locker the system generates a code to open the locker. We advise you to take a photo of it in order to not forget it. In case you gorget it you should contact our support service by calling at +34650420937 or writing to info@mallorcalockers.com.

Can I use the locker to leave something that someone else will pick up?

No, it is forbidden to deposit packages that must be picked up by other people. It is a use that does not authorize by Mallorca Lockers.

What are the policies within the premises of Mallorca Lockers?

. You can stay in the room for as long as you need while you are using our services, such as renting lockers, charging your cell phone or writing a suggestion. You can not stay in the premises longer than strictly necessary for different purposes such as rest, sleep, eat or drink.

. For reasons of security and confidentiality it is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videos to the security mechanisms of the premises (video surveillance cameras, lock systems, store screens, etc.).

It’s time

we met!

    Luggage storage Palma de Mallorca – Lockers Palma – Left Luggage Palma

    Lock your luggage and enjoy Palma city!

    Secure long and short term storage. 
    Reliable 24 hours 365 days a year. But there are more benefits of your Left Luggage Service.
    All the process is absolutely automatic.
    Long & short term storage, group discounts available
    Commercial / business storage (by prior arrangement only)
    Convenient location at major tourist spot at the main center of the city. Our left luggage location is just 100 meters from Plaza España.
    Our manned Left Luggage facilities are open 7 days a week
    24 hour CCTV & full security screening of all items
    Leave your personal belonging with us and enjoy the city, forget about the heavy staff and have a walk all over the place happy and effortlessly. Take advantage to charge the mobile or the computer.
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